About Us

Coolmist Air Conditioning LLC was established in Dubai with the prime focus of designing, testing and manufacturing quality, reliable and affordable products for buildings equipped with central air conditioning system. The wide range of products and installation of different types of grills, diffusers, louvers, dampers and ducting accessories such as volume control dampers, sound attenuators flexible ducts, among others, safety and security requirements and aesthetic and architectural demands.

Coolmist understands and appreciates the vision of the exemplary leaders of this great nation by dedicating itself to fulfill the demands that accompany the regional growth. Thus, Coolmist has all its products tested for quality and performance. All our installation and maintenance work is carried out by our own highly trained engineers, who are qualified to carry out everything as required, with the minimum of disruption to your life

Coolmist specializes in all types of air conditioning supply & Installation of all kinds of A/C (VRV/VRF System) Ducts, Grills & diffusers and more. We design all our systems to suit your home, offices or commercial premises. During the installation process we take extra ordinary care to protect your home or commercial property.

We realize that giving our customers a professional, courteous and punctual service is the key to our success. Over 70% of our business is currently derived from referrals as a result of our very happy and satisfied customers.

Our drive is to make air-condition Affordable, Reliable and Energy Efficient

We are the partner of choice for environmental control solutions that are based on lifetime affordability

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