Whether it is for supplies or installing into an existing property or as part of a new building or refurb, our team of experts will ensure and work with you to design exactly the right system for your needs. We supply and install the system for you, and if you want us to, we offer full servicing as well, to help you get maximum benefit from your system for years to come. Whilst health and safety remains a primary concern, so does keeping you informed of the latest air conditioning technology.

With immense pleasure we would like to introduce Coolmist Air Conditioning LLC, as we are one among the leading Air Conditioning supply & Installation, Service and Maintenance Company in Dubai

Our Core Service Areas

• Supply & Installation of all kinds of Air Conditioning including VRV/VRF System Ducts Grills Diffusers

• Service & Maintenance

• Annual Maintenance Contact (AMC)

We undertake to service and maintain your Domestic, Commercial and Business Air Conditioners in good running condition under Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC).We will ensure that your Air Conditioners will up and running every time. Our professional technicians will take care of your Air conditioners.

Annual maintenance contracts are recommended for an establishment that has/ requires:

1. Multiple a/c units that sees heavy/ continuous usage.

2. Frequent cases of breakdowns/ emergency repairs.

3. High cost of running air conditioners.

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